Other Hair Detox Products

• Synergy detox wash

It is a shampoo designed to reduce the levels of cocaine toxins in your hair follicle. It only reduces but does not eliminate. Thus it will just work on you if you have used cocaine once or twice. It mainly aims to ensure the levels of cocaine in your hair follicle will not be detected during the test.

• Zydot ultra clean

It helps to expose the inner hair and clear off any toxins present. It penetrates through the hair and ensures that all cocaine toxins are flushed off from your hair.

• Nexxus aloe rid

It removes all impurities present in your hair. The contaminants include all drug toxins present in the hair. You need to massage your hair using the detox shampoo several times carefully. Ensure you rinse off the shampoo using clean water so that it cannot be detected in your hair. If the person performing the test suspects that you are trying to cheat a drug test the consequences will be hefty.

• Jerry G method

It is beneficial especially if you are a heavy smoker. The products used in this method are mild and may have adverse effects on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, It is not an ideal method of passing a drug test. You don’t want to raise any suspicion of trying to cheat a drug test. The following are the procedures of using the Jerry G method effectively:

 Apply peroxide on your hair
 Dye your hair using an ammonia-based dye
 Wash the two substances using toxin wash shampoo
 Rinse the chemicals using toxin-free shampoo.

What are the consequences of failing a cocaine drug test?
Most employers put up regulations to ensure that their employees are free from drugs. It is designed to help the employees from adverse effects of the drugs. However, an employee needs to be responsible for other employees and consumers. It is essential to ensure the employee is in a sober state that does not endanger any third party. If you fail a cocaine drug test, you will most likely suffer the following consequences.