Hair Follicle Drug Tests

It is the most accurate method of detecting cocaine substances in your body. It is done by measuring the level of cocaine toxins in your hair follicle. The person conducting the test need to cut a bunch of your hair near the scalp. The hair absorbs harmful and non-harmful substances in your system. The best way on how to pass the drug test is to detox your hair. They are various shampoos and purifiers that are common in eliminating cocaine substances in your hair follicle.

• Macujo method

It involves using various substances that are known for eliminating cocaine substances in your hair follicle. It has a critical component that over the years has been reputable for detoxing hair known as aloe rid shampoo. Additionally, it includes other chemicals such as Heinz vineyal, clear and clean shampoo, and laundry shampoo. Follow the below procedures to help you in eliminating the cocaine substances in your hair follicle.

 Massage Heinz vineyal into your hair ensuring it reaches the hair follicle,

 Add clear and clean shampoo into your hair and combine it very well with the Heinz vineyal,

 Wash off the two combinations with the aloe rid shampoo,

 Thoroughly rinse off the substances using the laundry detergent.

If you follow the procedures for more than five times a day, your hair follicle will be clean of any cocaine substance.

• Scalp massage

It is beneficial for light cocaine users. The blood is responsible for the transportation of nutrients and harmful substances in your body. If you carefully massage your scalp, it will help in the blood flowage. Increased blood movement enables it to carry away the toxins present in your hair follicles and eliminate them through the kidneys. Additionally, you need to frequently wash your hair with a mild shampoo to ensure that any residual of the cocaine is removed away from the cuticle.

• Hair razor

It is also useful for light users. If the drug has intoxicated you for many months, this method will disappoint you. The hair razors contain a treatment gel and a purifier. The treatment gel is manufactured to penetrate through the cuticle of the hair and eliminate any cocaine substance present. The purifier washes away and cleanses your hair follicles of any residual cocaine substance in the body.

• Total detox friend

It is not the most efficient method to pass a drug cocaine drug test. However, if you don’t have any other option, you can consider using this method. The total detox friend is made to wash away all the impurities in your hair and ensure you are free from the toxins during the test. However, you will still pass the test if your levels are 50ng/ml or below.