Cleaning Your System

How is the test taken?

You will be asked to give your urine sample in a specimen cup and submit it to the person testing who will then establish if your sample has drug metabolites or not. Most laboratories have a bathroom explicitly designed for a drug test. They also have a supervisory team to ensure that you give an accurate sample. It is possible to cheat the test, but caution should be taken. Consequences of being caught trying to trick a drug test are hefty. However, it is the easiest method of testing cocaine in your body that is the easiest to pass. As it is possible to fabricate and substitute your sample.

How do you pass the urine drug test?

• Buying synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is purchased over the counter in most chemists. It is artificially made urine. Once you are given the specimen cup instead of peeing on it, you can add the synthetic urine instead of submitting your urine.  You need to keep the artificial urine warm as cold urine which is below the body temperature will raise suspicion, and you will be asked to provide another sample. However, some lab equipment can detect synthetic urine, and you will be fined for trying to fabricate your sample.

• Asking your friend to pee for you

If the test is being conducted in an environment that is not supervised, you can request your friend to pee on your behalf. Your friend needs to be free from drugs for more than three months for it to be successful. Additionally, if the testers do not don’t know you, your friend can present themselves for the test instead of you. It is a risky method, but it is the only chance you have of securing your job and preventing yourself from being arrested.

• Adding water to your sample

If the test is prompt, and you did not have time to refrain from the drug or cleanse the toxins out of your body and your freaking out, be smart and add water to your sample. It will dilute the urine sample, and the level of the drug sample will be below 50ng/ml, and you will have passed the test. However, ensure you add warm water as cold water will make your sample’s temperature drop below the average body temperature which will raise alarm.

• Hydrate your body and urinate frequently

Water is a natural detoxification. Water enables the elimination of drug toxins from your body. With each intake of more water and regular peeing the cocaine levels in your body drop significantly. If you frequently follow the method by the time of the drug test, you will be safe to pass the drug test. However, your urine be colorless which is a dangerous state. You can retain the color of the urine by taking vitamin b-2 and 12.

• Masking your urine

Nitrates compound sold over the counter are useful in helping the drug testing equipment not to detect any traces of the drug. However, you should ensure the chemicals fully dissolve in your sample, and you use a standard amount that will not be detected by the person testing your sample.

• Abstain from using the drugs days before the test

If you are informed about the drug test days before the test stop using cocaine will help you pass the test. Urine can trace drug substances present in your urine for the last ten days so refraining from the drug will ensure you pass the test. Additionally, you need to find a way to cleanse your body from the already present drug toxins in your system.

2) Blood drug test

Cocaine substance can also be detected using the blood drug test. It entails screening your blood sample and establishing whether the example has any components of the drug. A blood test can test the active drug component in your system, unlike the urine drug test that tests drug metabolites in your system. It is an accurate but costly method of drug testing.

How do you pass the drug test?

Detox involves cleaning and eliminating all impurities in your blood. You need to detox regularly before the drug test. They are various detox products that are effective in reducing the drug toxins from your system.

 Lemon juice mixed with water

Squeeze a lemon into a 500ml glass of water. Lemon is a detox drink that will adequately cleanse your body of all the cocaine substances in your body. It is the most natural way of eliminating drug substance in your body. Additionally, it is cheap and will not be detected in the drug test. It is the most convenient way on how to pass a drug test.

 Cranberry juice

It is a mild drink known for its health benefits. It has a cleansing effect in your body and will be able to eliminate all toxins in your system. It will flush off all cocaine substances in your kidney and all other major organs. Once you frequently consume the detox drinks for a constant period before the test, you will pass the cocaine test very quickly.

 Coffee

Coffee contains substances that make it work as a natural diuretic. It can eliminate all toxins in your blood and you will able to pass the test effectively. However, refraining from the drug is essential to ensure you don’t introduce new drug substances in your blood system.

Detox drinks are useful, and many people have used them over the years with a lot of success. Refraining from the drug during this period is vital.

• Ever clean detox drink

It works naturally in your body and eliminates all the impurities in your blood. It is practical and reliable as it cannot be detected in your blood system. It ensures it removes all the cocaine substances in your body and blood and once you take the test, you will pass it.

• Regular exercises

Research states that people with high mass weight retain drug substances in their body for long periods. Heavyweight people keep drugs for long because drug toxins are absorbed in the fat cells. Regular exercises help to break down the fat cells into energy. Through the process of ketosis, the fat cells will be converted into glucose. The cocaine substances that were in the fat cells will be eliminated as waste through the kidney. It is a gradual method of passing a drug test. In most cases, you need to combine it with detox for it to be effective. It works well for light cocaine users if you are a heavy user consider using other methods.

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